Value on its own – that is how Eurorisk sees their client. We get involved and develop individual solutions, give professional support and value customer satisfaction highly. That is why we are available whenever needed.

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  • structured and relevant information for your needs about insurance services
  • advice on what to do if an insurance case has occurred
  • response within 24 hours



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  • exhaustive information about insurance services
  • consultations on how to act when insurance case has occurred
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Most Frequently Asked Questions


We believe that a reliable insurance broker works effortlessly to meet customer’s needs. Stable and lasting cooperation is their goal. That is why our insurance broker will find you the best and most appropriate solution for your insurance needs.

Becoming a Eurorisk client you will receive:

  • time – we will examine the object, conduct vehicle tracking, evaluate the risks, summarize different insurance offers, analyze them and give transparent comparison;
  • money – we will conduct the insurance contract audit for your current contract resulting with possible savings up to 30%;
  • reassurance – we will evaluate possible risks, offer free recommendations to lower these risks and sign insurance contract accordingly.

Our work reflects on knowledge and experience for over 10 years, professional team and personal attitude toward each client’s needs. Our partners and clients can speak about the quality of our work.

Risk assessment is conducted for each client individually by appraising each business type. We perform inspection, take photos, determine what risks are concerning you and explain what risks we define. We gather the information and offer recommendations to lower the risks and also suggest suitable insurance solutions.

After evaluating the object our professionals will give you recommendations and following them will help to lower the chances of an accident. For instance, do you know what kind of security precautions would protect your transportation from getting stolen?

If insurance incident has occurred, Eurorisk brokers are there to help you with consultations, advice on what to do in specific situations (call police, try lowering the consequences etc.) and look after the remuneration. We provide professional expert services with no extra charge.

Payment for our services is paid by insurance companies, who pays commission for closed contracts. The cost depends on the type of contract, but it does not affect your payment for the insurance contract in any way.

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